Exercise during Covid

We all put have propensity to put on the 'Pandemic Weight' and  exercise seem so lonely and boring doing them online.

If you are anything like us we need other people suffering with us, No?

You can venture out to the outdoors , but not many options of exercises outdoors due to the lock down, where your options are jogging or running or cycling. 

Here at Legi we have been exercising using Youtube classes and though lonely,helped us keep the Pandemic Weight under control:)

Though no one is looking, we all are using are Legi under our leggings to keep are silhouette the way we like them.

So forks, though you sometimes might feel like what's the point ? when no ones looking? ,if  it helps you to look the way you want and boost your confidence, use your Legi with your leggings and have a moment or normality in your life.,.And make the most of our lock down.

Stay Safe ,


Legi staff.