How to camouflage bowed legs?

Well ...bowed legs haunted me all my life.

I am in my late 50s now.  A bit late to worry about how I look? Not really. I so care about about how I look. I am in the prime of my life!

But I can tell you if did not have my bowed legs I would have been more confident, sporty (hence more toned) and outgoing growing up. It is what it is now , and now at least I have my Legi. Legi restored my self esteem.

Before Legi existed my bowed legs dictated everything I wore.

I always wore boot legged pants with platforms to cover up the contour of my legs, and when wide legged pants were on trend this was easy. I still did not like checking myself out on the shop windows as I realised even with my wide pants covering my bowed legs, I walked like a cowboy. 

I never played sports as I did not want to wear leggings(let alone shorts), and I never walked anywhere as my high heels and platforms were exhausting to walk in!

So yes wearing boot legged or wide legged pants are one of the ways to camouflage the bowed legs as below. But if you had long legs you can pull them off without heels, otherwise you can look stumpy! 


Photo by Riki on Unsplash.

However, don't we all want to try a pair of leggings like everyone else when we go to the gym, or  just try on any  straight legged jeans in shops like Zara? How about boots? Knee high boots and over the knee boots?

I hated the way my boots splayed out in a V shape when I wore them. What's the point? They only exaggerated my bowed legs!

With Legi designed to provide padding on the bowed side of the calves, my silhouette looks 'normal'. Like everyone else! Thank you Legi!

After all , all we want is to... feel belong! Right?? 

So my bowed legged friends, try a pair of Legi and show of those jeans, leggings and boots. And restore your self esteem, be part of this flawed but wonderful humanity!