I'm not alone...

Those peeps with bowed legs know what it's like. You just want to be able to wear a pair of any kind of jeans or joggers and disappear into the crowd.

Quick fixes? If my ears stuck out I  could pin them down with surgery. If I have an issue with my nose I could have a relatively simple surgery. Boobs? Sure!

Not so for bowed legs.

The surgery is very invasive and the downtime is very significant, let alone the cost and the risks involved.

However, with Legi, I can now hide my bowed legs with this simple cosmetic support, like the inventor who used it for years before she decided to share the secret.

Legi is the secret weapon it's creator decided to share with other self-conscious bowlegged people in the world to give them the freedom and joy she experiences.

Hot diggity dog! :D