Legi Concept.

‘Bowed legs’ or ‘Bow Leggedness’, (also called O-shaped legs) are characterised by the outward bowing of the lower leg, giving the appearance of an archer’s bow.

The only way to correct the bowed legs is invasive orthopaedic surgery or cosmetic surgery which are invasive, expensive, and involve a lot of downtime.

Exercises for bowed legs especially in adults do not work as the bones are already set. Those of you with bowed legs may have already tried this.

Legi is a patented and trademarked Bow Legs Cosmetic Calf Support that can help you hide your bow legs under skinny jeans, knee high boots and active wear.

Legi is like padded bra for your inner calves to give your legs the appearance of  straighter legs.

The inventor has been wearing Legi prototypes for a few years secretly herself until finally arriving at this current design. She decided to reveal her secret and share it with the rest of the world to free others like herself. Legi has given her fashion choices she never had, and made her life so active as she can now wear any type of pants without trying to hide her bowed legs by wearing bootleg or wide legged  pants and platform shoes. Wearing wide legged pants to camouflage never felt right as she felt she was walking like a cowboy. Any of you who have this issue will understand this dilemma.

Made with light weight Lycra, it stays on even when running, dancing, playing sports and easily washable in the washing machine.

If you are dreaming of your bow legs to turn into well defined calves, Legi is your secret agent! 

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