Legi gave me wings!

I dreaded physical education classes in high school. I had to wear shorts. Although I used to be a sporty little girl, as I grew up I stopped all forms of sport.

I managed to get back into yoga in my mid 50's, but I used to turn up to yoga classes wearing wide legged pants whilst everyone else wore normal leggings.

I felt different, alone and quite middle aged!

I was sick of having to wear platform shoes so I could wear wide legged pants and jeans, but had no choice as the straight legged pants drew too much attention to my legs. I so wanted to wear knee high boots too,  but they spayed out at the top too much!

I had to do something about it. 

Then came Legi, which was born out of necessity.

Legi gave me wings . So I decided to share Legi with others like myself. I hope many of you get to enjoy my freedom.

And feel that you belong...