What is freedom?

What is freedom?

This is a loaded question in the era of Covid but for me freedom meant wearing what I wanted to wear.

It is being able to express yourself,  be yourself with confidence.And if Legi can help this in anyway, we are here for  you.

When Legi was invented, it was a secret even from her husband, family members, and friends. When it was convinced this invention was really working it was  revealed with much reluctance. Now we never look back especially when we receive feedbacks like below. We receive feedbacks like this regularly and we thought this time, we share them here with permission.

July 2019:

"Hi there, I sent you an email earlier today asking for confirmation that my Legi order had been received.  Scap that.  I just picked the parcel up from the post office.  

H*ly sh*t.  This product is going to CHANGE MY LIFE.  I've just put them on and my legs look like 10/10 legs!!!!  

Even as a very young girl, my mom would say to me "such a shame you inherited my calves - otherwise you'd have fabulous legs".   I'm now 40 years old... tall and thin with legs forever...but I've always been painfully aware that the lower part of my leg is not balanced with the upper part.  Its the ONE THING I could never 'fix' or change.  I would have loved my legs... but for my lack of calf development.  I've spent a life time studying the legs of other women and men... mentally scoring them... 

Honestly Legi…. my legs are soooo hot now!!  This product is genius and I'm going to order another pair for my mother - the one who gave me my leg obsession in the first place!!  (thanks mom - not!). 

Thank you so much for inventing this.   It's brilliant. "