‘Legi’ (pronounced ‘leggy’ as in Cindy Crawford is leggy) is your secret to smooth, well defined calves under your tight pants. If you’re lacking a bit of muscle in your lower legs or you’re bowed legged, Legi will help you trick the world with it’s perfectly shaped padding. It’s like shoulder pads for your skinny calves!

Length isn’t everything - shape is where it counts!

If you’re dreaming of turning your skinny, bowed pins, into ‘legs-eleven’ then Legi is the fairy godmother to your pumpkin! It’s flexible and made with lightweight lycra so it stays in place even when sweating it out or dancing the night away- even if you’re wearing glass slippers!

What are Bowed Legs? 

'Bowed legs’ or 'Bow Leggedness', (also called ‘O’ shaped legs) are characterised by the outward bowing of the lower leg, giving the appearance of an archer’s bow. In other words, when someone has bow legs, the legs curve out below the knee, so that when someone is standing up straight with their feet together, their knees don’t touch.

How common are bowed legs?

The Japanese call this condition 'O-Kyaku’ and this genetic condition is very common in Asia especially in Japan where it is said ‘most’ women have bowed legs. However, it can occur in any race and in fact, in the UK 2% of the general population have bow legs. World famous UK super model Kate Moss has even been known to complain about her bowed legs.

How is life affected by bowed legs?

This condition is generally not physically debilitating unless the source of the condition is associated with Blount’s disease, Rickets, or osteoarthritis, but it can be emotionally debilitating for some people because they do not get to enjoy the silhouette of straight, parallel legs whenever they wear the tight fitted clothes.

Is there a cure?

There is no real cure for bowed legs, but there are some treatment options that are pretty drastic such as ‘ leg binding', strenuous exercises and invasive orthopaedic surgery that involves the amputation and reattachment of the Tibia and Fibula bones with a fat injection to the side of the calf.

How can Legi help?

Legi is a patented and trademarked cosmetic orthotic that corrects the appearance of bow-leggedness under tight clothes like skinny jeans, active wear, yoga pants and leggings. Legi mimics the shape of a well shaped calf muscle, giving the inner calf extra definition.

Why choose Legi?

Legi is made with flexible, lightweight lycra, and is very comfortable to wear in all seasons. 

Legi fits perfectly to your legs and holds in place even while running, dancing or exercising.

So if you’ve got pair of skinny jeans, active wear, leggings or even knee high boots that you’ve always wanted to wear but couldn’t- now you can!

With Legi you can make the fashion choices you want...

Legi offers freedom, confidence and liberation from fashion restriction.